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About us

Rock Invest
Basis of online business
In order to obtain a steady income from online investment, it is possible to choose a sufficiently large number of directions. But not every type of such commercial activity will be able to satisfy a variety of factors that distinguish a good and reliable passive income from risky and questionable online transactions. Rock Invest has chosen to create a solid Foundation for its own business investment in the entertainment sector. Namely: Rock Invest invests in various directions and musical trends, popular at one time or another. The popularity of music guarantees contracts with artists and record companies, advertising campaigns and additional royalties for copyrights, concerts, tours and many other sources of profit. Rock Invest is able to accurately and far-sighted select the objects of investment and is guaranteed to make a profit for the past 10 years, consistently and reliably providing profit to its business partners. Some time ago, the company’s management decided to open an online resource to expand the investment opportunities of both the company and people who, for many objective reasons, can not invest online in large projects on their own.

Legal aspect
Rock Invest carries out investment and commercial activities under the laws of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland. Any commercial activities of the company are governed by the relevant laws and regulations of the United Kingdom, and all Rock Invest services and information and consulting services provided to clients are subject to licensing and Copyright protection, regardless of how a particular client received our services.

4 reasons to work with us
first, Rock Invest is a guaranteed safe investment as they are implemented in already proven and well-established investment facilities. If people like music, we invest in this musical direction, getting at our disposal reliable earning tools for both the company and investors.
second, Rock Invest is an affordable investment for any online investor. Regardless of how much money the client has, he will be able to participate in the largest investment projects of the company. This is just attractive online investment under the auspices of trust management of accumulated customer funds.
Thirdly, Rock Invest is the maximum availability and transparency of our services and offers at any stage of cooperation. Rock Invest is a British company and knows a lot about not only good music, but also appreciates and honors the British way of doing business, the hallmark of which is respect for the client and compliance with all legal and moral principles.
Fourth, Rock Invest - is a high return on investment and the security of transactions at any time. High-tech online security solutions from the best companies in the world, as well as the company’s own developments in the field of music trends forecasting make business with us almost the best choice in this industry.

journey into history
In 2008, Rock Invest was conceived and established in the suburbs of London as a small entrepreneur company specializing in the organization of concerts of rock musicians. Over time, we realized that in this industry you can earn much more if you correctly and correctly arrange the investment aspects. Since 2010, Rock Invest has become bigger, more active and influential. We got access to large concert venues, we were able to get money not only from the organization of concerts, but it was in 2010 that we first signed a contract for authorship and exclusive rights of use with the first rock artist. By the way, rock music still prevails in our investment portfolio.

In 2015, Rock Invest finally formed a team capable of accurately and competently predicting future trends in the musical direction, and for the first time we formed a Department that selected promising and talented young artists. And in this direction we work on the principle of startups, investing small money in promising ambitious projects. In 2018, Rock Invest was officially registered as a trademark and from that moment on, anyone who loves music and wants to earn money has the opportunity to work with us, getting a stable profit from the masters of their craft.


UK Registration

Rock Invest carries out investment and commercial activities under the laws of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • Powerful DDOS protection

    Rock Invest uses a dedicated server and guarantees its users complete protection against any DDOS attacks.

  • Legality

    Rock Invest carries out investment and commercial activities under the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • Instant Payouts

    All payments are instant, that is, instant. For the convenience of our investors, we also offer the most popular payment systems.

  • Data Protection

    We guarantee protection against interception of your data using the latest versions of SSL certificates. You can feel safe with us.