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Our investment program is international, i.e. any person of legal age according to the laws of their country and having right to independently dispose of their own fundsmay participate. The registration takes place online by clicking the respective button at the top of the page.

The registration procedure is as follows:
- choose your username and fill in the space “Invent a username”;
- specify a valid e-mail in the field “Your e-mail”;
- enter your password to the field “Invent a password”;
- confirm password;
- enter PIN;
- click on “Create account”.

Once the registration is complete, you will be automatically directed to your account.

This is your personal code, which you will use to change and add payment systems, as well as to reset password at your account page on the platform website. It shall be specified when completing registration form and saved. If the PIN is lost, please address the helpdesk. ThePINmayincludenumbers, withoutsymbolsandspaces. The PIN shall include at least 4, but no more than 16 characters.

Youhaveprobablyenteredinvalidauthorizationdata. Your username you can find in the e-mail, which you received when you had completed registration in our program. If you cannot find password, you should use the option of password recovery. Clickon “Recover” andthenfollowthesysteminstructions. If there is no mail in the Inbox, check the Junk mail box.